The price of Nike’s self-lacing sneakers revealed, and yeah, they’re *definitely* going to cost you

If you ever dreamed of dressing like Marty McFly, the time to sport Back to the Future-inspired fashions is mere weeks away. Since Nike unveiled its tech-meets-fashion HyperAdapt 1.0 earlier in the year, we hope you’ve been saving your coins because the self-lacing sneakers will cost you a pretty penny.

How much is that exactly? Think expensive, but slightly less pricey than the $895 pair of Louboutins that almost wrecked Zendaya’s feet on the red carpet. Fine, we’ll stop teasing now and give it to ya straight: Gizmodo reports that the highly anticipated self-lacing sneakers will go for $720 when they drop on Dec. 1.

Um…wow. So, clearly the price of these kicks will test the loyalty of die-hard Back to the Future fans and shoe lovers who *so* badly want present reality to reflect the coolness of the film’s futuristic dystopia. Like, who knew laziness cost this much?!

But as the saying goes, beauty is pain and fashion is beauty (or something like that), so we have a feeling that for many folks who want to rock these shoes, the choice between owning a pair or paying a credit card bill and buying groceries for the month just got that much more difficult.

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