7 ways to prevent and cure the summertime affliction known as chub rub

If you are one of the many people in the world who have thighs that touch each other, chances are you may have suffered from a truly annoying ailment known as “chub rub” at least once in your life. This wretched affliction occurs more frequently in the summertime, when we are parading around in short skirts and cutoff jorts. It can be painful, itchy and irritating enough to almost make you consider wearing pants the entire summer — ALMOST! (We have so many cute dresses to wear, OBVI.) Even Jessa from Girls had a case of the dreaded RUB!

Thankfully, there are ways to prevent deadly chub rub from happening. If you’re already experiencing this annoying chafing, don’t worry — I gotchu too. Read on to find out how to kick chub rub’s ass and stop it dead in its tracks.

1. Body Glide, $7.99


Body Glide is the O.G. anti-chafing balm that runners use. Whether you’re going to be in a marathon or walking around for hours as a tourist, this stuff will help prevent your thighs from burning. Find it here.

2. Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel, $5.88


Monistat came up with an actual anti-chafing gel and it is BRILLIANT. Non-greasy, fragrance-free, and a little goes a long way. P.S. It can also double as a makeup primer. Wild, right? Get it here.

3. Bike shorts, starting at $24.99


Take a cue from Kim Kardashian and Ilana from Broad City and wear some bike shorts underneath your new summer dress. My fashion crystal ball tells me we’re going to see Kylie Jenner wear bike shorts under a pair of denim cutoffs soon. Try some cute ones from a brand called Undersummers.

4. Thigh bands, $15.99


If you and your closet aren’t ready to welcome bicycle shorts in your life, a company called Bandelettes invented these cute, lace thigh bands specifically for chub rub. Find them here.

5. Cocoa butter, $10.04


Keeping your thighs moisturized can be the easiest way to prevent friction. Good old-fashioned cocoa butter from the drugstore, like Palmer’s, can seriously do the trick. Grab it here.

6. Diaper rash cream, $8.70


If it’s already too late for prevention and you’re dealing with a case of chafing right now, you can use diaper cream to ease the pain. That’s right, diaper cream! Try one from Babo Botanicals here. People also swear by Aquaphor.

7. Cortisone cream, $4.52


A rash ointment like Cortizone can help with itchiness, if you can handle the strong scent. Get some here.

Hopefully with these tips, you won’t turn out like Jessa!