These pretty in pink nails are a clever way to do the negative space trend

If you think you’re over the negative space nail trend, wait ’til you see these pink ladies.

The WAH Nails salon in London has been a pioneer in the nail game for years, and this recent Instagram post proves that they’ve still got it. A lucky client shows off her gorgeous manicure, with a pastel pink polish over clear, rounded tips. But it’s the tiny negative space stars that have us breathless!

The mani was executed by super talented WAH girl Miaki, aka @miaki_b. If you’re in London, you can make an appointment with her at WAH’s salon. We think these nails are pretty clever and so pretty in pink.

It looks like Miaki added clear tips to the client’s nails, for an out-of-this-world effect. Her lines are so clean and precise! We think this would work well with any color, but the pastels really make the design pop. Stars seem to be having a moment, and we are here for it!

Looks like some of WAH’s 428K Instagram followers agree with us. One commenter said, “these remind me of Jem & the Holograms!” and she’s totally right.

It seems like WAH’s been doing a bunch of these pale bubblegum/Pepto pink nails lately. Political statement, perhaps? The salon recently hosted an event for their #wahSELFLOVE campaign.

#wahSELFLOVE wants you to feel empowered!

OMG, boob nails!

Another pink nail look, this time with iridescent foil.

Okay, it’s definitely a political statement ?

Pink nails make a great statement for Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re your own Valentine!

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