Things ‘Pretty Little Liars’ got wrong about high school

Pretty Little Liars is a captivating thriller that leaves fans on the edge of their seats, psyched for the next episode. Seriously, how else would they get millions of fans to still tune in after six years of teasing us about A? (thank goodness for the reveal!) Buuuut, there are some things that Rosewood High, and Rosewood in general, got wrong about high school.

Their classes are like, five minutes long.

But no one goes anyways. Everyone just hangs out by their lockers and discusses their latest death threat/kidnapping/clue/boy problem/text from A. You know, just typical teenager stuff.

No one ever seems to have any homework.

If they had the amount of homework teenagers that aren’t in a thriller televisions show have on a daily basis, the Liars’ lives would be a million times worse. Actually, there probably wouldn’t even be a show because the girls would be too busy doing homework to get mixed up in any scandals A could use to blackmail them.

Everyone dresses like they’re fresh off the catwalk.

Seriously, did they just keep walking off the catwalk and not stop until they got to school? Did I miss the episode where they went to NYFW? Do they have some sort of secret part-time modeling job? And if so, where do I sign up? So many questions, so few answers. But then again, I suppose that’s a Pretty Little Liars theme.

The school doesn’t really seem to care when students sporadically attend class.

Just got hit by a car? Take a week off! Spending a month in an insane asylum? No problem! (Also, what is it with the fact that, like, half of Rosewood has spent time at Radley?). How I wish class at my school were optional.

Or when they try to kill their classmates.

Mona had absolutely no chill with Hanna and the other Liars, but she still came back to school. There’s also a pattern of people who were presumed dead coming back to Rosewood Day (I’m looking at you, Ali and Mona).

Their proms look like weddings.

Rosewood goes all out for their dances. The outfits are stunning, the decorations are magical, and the music is on point. It’s a high schooler’s dream, especially for the one’s who have prom in their gym with a mediocre band. Even though someone always gets kidnapped, tricked, or faces a life-or-death situation, prom at Rosewood is still awesome. 10/10 would go.

Literally anyone is allowed on campus.

Apparently, it’s totally normal for random strangers to walk off the sidewalk and straight into Rosewood High. And people can even sneak in after hours. Or even live there, like Caleb in Season 1.

And in the yearbook.

Which goes to show that if you do anything with enough confidence, you can get away with it. That’s how Cece Drake also managed to finagle the title of Prom Queen.

And none of the faculty seem to care that there’s a random secret society in the yearbook.

Remember the N.A.T. Club? It stood for Non Animadverto Totus, or “We See All.” It was basically a really creepy group made up of Jason DiLaurentis, Ian Thomas, and Garrett Reynolds. Their activities included filming teenage girls in their rooms. Disgusting, right?

So, even though Rosewood High got all of this wrong about the typical high school experience, it’s still a really awesome school. You know, despite the crazed killers roaming the city.

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