The “Pretty Little Liars” series finale set *this* TV record

Pretty Little Liars has consistently blown our minds. Pretty much every episode ended on a cliffhanger, and do you know what seven years of cliffhangers does to a person?!

Of course, the Pretty Little Liars series finale was no different. But, the show did finally reveal the identity of A.D., which we’ve been trying to figure out for what feels like forever. AND it also broke a big social media record.

A Twitter record, to be exact.

Pretty Little Liars’ series finale “Til DeAth Do Us Part” is officially the most tweeted-about episode of TV so far this year. It amassed a whopping 1.7 million tweets globally. And social media really exploded when the identity of Alex Drake, Spencer’s twin, was revealed — just take a look at some of these reactions.

But the series finale doesn’t take the PLL prize.

Though PLL‘s final episode is the most tweeted about this year, it still hasn’t broken its own record. The most tweeted episode of all time remains 2015’s finale, “Game Over, Charles.”

Now that the show is over for good, what are we supposed to do every week? Live a peaceful life not wondering about what the heck is going on in our favorite, secret-riddled TV universe? Gosh, that sounds boring.