Here’s what the Pretty Little Liars will look like after the five-year time jump

Pretty Little Liars fans are finally getting some major answers. Last week’s episode ended on a heart-stopping cliffhanger, with A taking his (her? its?) mask off in front of Ali. This Tuesday, after five and a half seasons of finding notes in their teeth, bones in their purses, and dead bodies in their yards, the Liars are going to know who A is and why the heck they have been tortured for most of high school.

But then what? PLL has been confirmed for at least seven seasons (there have also been movie rumors, but I dare not dream that big), so what will life in Rosewood look like without a town stalker?

Now we finally know – well, a little. PLL creator and showrunner, I. Marlene King, has been teasing fans that the show will be making a five-year time jump at the beginning of season 6B, but she recently gave Entertainment Weekly some serious deets. She shared that when the show returns in early 2016, the Liars will be in their early twenties, a year out of college, and a year into their careers of choice. “They’re not different people,” King said. “They’re just more grown-up versions of themselves.”

Marlene also mentioned that A has not been in the picture for the five years between 6A and 6B, which is good news for fans who were doubting that the #fAcetofAce finale would provide an adequate ending to this current A’s story. (I say “current” because, honestly, you never know in Rosewood.) She said, “The girls lived a free life for 5 years. They have not been tortured or tormented by this anonymous cyber bully.” Whoa. Not chasing down a hooded monster must leave Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily with a lot of free time for hobbies.

Marlene confirmed. “They’re taking yoga now, they’re breathing,” she said. “They have more time for extracurricular activities because they’re not being chased by an anonymous stalker.” Good. They deserve a little R&R – though, I secretly hope that Hanna has opted out of yoga and continued her dance lessons.

Though the disturbing events inside A’s dollhouse are seemingly over, the trauma will continue to be explored in future episodes.

Of course, fans are chomping at the bit to find out what careers their favorite characters have pursued and whether any of the show’s “ships” have survived the five years (Team Ezria already suffered a massive blow when Lucy Hale revealed to AOL that Aria and Ezra will both be seeing other people). Entertainment Weekly shared a photo of the ladies after the time jump, and it might provide some clues.

So many feelings. The Liars look great! Aria went blonde – could it be because she moved to Los Angeles for her photography internship and then turned full-on beach babe? Hanna also has some new blonde hair, but methinks they are extensions. More importantly, she is sporting a rock on her left RING FINGER, which might possibly indicate that she moved to New York with Caleb and they got engaged. (Squee!)

We can’t see too much about Emily’s ensemble, but fans have been speculating that signs from earlier this season point to her following in Papa Wayne’s footsteps and joining the Army – hmmm, not completely unlikely. Similarly, Spencer’s appearance doesn’t give too many hints about her future life, except that she’s graduated from black coffee to rosé wine and has been using her newfound A-less mornings to style a beautiful set of bangs.

If, like me, you looked at this picture and shouted, “Where’s Mona?” openly in a Starbucks (move along, people, nothing to see here), fear not. Janel Parrish recently confirmed in an interview with E! News that Mona will be back and Mona will still be Mona. She also gave a hint about why the Liars are back in Rosewood. “[They] are all finally coming back together to Rosewood per Alison’s request,” she said, “and they will take a new troubling adventure from there.”

Gah! I wish I, too, could make a time-jump to January, when I’ll know all of A’s secrets and whether or not Toby’s grown a cop mustache.

(Images via here and here.)