Pretty Little Liars’ #SummerofAnswers: What we know so far

Well, we’re halfway through season 6A of Pretty Little Liars, and the show is as addictive as ever. These first 10 episodes have been billed as the #SummerofAnswers, and the show’s producers promise that by August, all of the questions that have haunted us since Big A stole the game from Mona will be cleared up. Since there’s a week off between episodes five and six, it’s a great time to sit back and take stock of all of the mysteries that have been solved thus far. Here’s a list of some of the questions that have been #summerofAnswered:

1. Who is A?
Charles is A.

2. Oh, cool. So, have they found Charles yet?
Nope. He’s dead.

3. So … Charles isn’t A?
No, no, no. Charles is definitely A. PLL creator and evil mastermind, Marlene King, has reassured fans on Twitter that Charles is A for sure.

4. Okay, I guess I can accept that there’s still some mystery surrounding Charles (maybe he’s a zombie, whatever). Do you think A is Jason’s twin?
Haha, probably not, since last week Aria found out that A has boobs.

5. B-b-but … Never mind. Charles is a DiLaurentis, though, right?
Yes, Charles was born fifteen months before Jason. He was the other little boy in the video Spencer saw in A’s vault in the Dollhouse, and he’s also the reason that there are barely any photos of Jason in the DiLaurentis house. Rude.

6. Did Jason know about Charles?
Parents of the Year, Jessica and Kenneth, told Jason that “Charlie” was his imaginary friend who had to go away. In reality, they sent Charles to Radley after discovering him trying to drown baby Ali in a bathtub. Basically, Jason knew, he just didn’t know he knew.

7. Sounds suspicious. Is there any proof that this whole Charles story is true?
Proof, shmoof. Mr. D claims that Charles killed himself by overdosing in Radley. The Liars found two of his patient files: One only had information that stopped abruptly when he turned 16, and the other said his organs were donated. Mixed messages. Even though Jessica told her husband that she scattered their son’s ashes, the Liars found a headstone with his name on it at Ali and Jason’s great-aunt Carol’s house. Sure, not the proofiest proof, but there’s also a chance that Lesli Stone knew Charles because she was living in Radley at the same time as him. There’s probably more reveals ahead.

8. Lesli Stone was in Radley?
Yup, and she seems to have serious rage issues.9. What about Andrew? He was acting super sketchy last season.
The only A that should be associated with Andrew stands for ARMS. He isn’t too happy with the Liars at the moment because got arrested for kidnapping them even though he had nothing to do with the Dollhouse.

10. Oh, yikes. That’s awkward. What happened to the Dollhouse?
Thankfully, the girls escaped, but they’re dealing with the trauma in their own unique ways. According to Hanna, A made them play games that seemed to pit them against each other for food, water, or deliverance from torture. Also, A cut Aria’s hair (and did a fabulous job) and kept Spencer awake for days on end until she hallucinated, possibly hurt somebody, and woke up in a puddle of blood. The verdict is still out on whether the girls remember everything that went down in that bunker – A installed trackers in each of them, but they don’t know that yet.

11. Wow, sounds like there were tons of clues about A’s identity in that Dollhouse. Did anyone search it? 
Of course! The Rosewood PD walked in and found Sara Harvey, that girl who went missing the same weekend that Alison did.

12. Ah, a new character. That’s, um, great. But did Tanner investigate the whole Dollhouse, maybe get Caleb to hack A’s computer?
… No.
13. Deep breath. Moving on. How is the Rosewood PD doing?
Really well, actually, thanks for asking. Toby is still on the force (although he fell for the Andrew red herring and called Spencer “babe,” which was questionable), and he has a new partner, Lorenzo, who’s taken a shine to Ali. They shared their first kiss, even though Ali’s dad is super against her dating a cop. Not sure where her ex-boo Holbrook is – weird. Oh, and last but not least, Officer Barry Mapplethorpe got promoted to Detective. He wears a suit to work now. Yassss!

14. Rewind for a second. Sara Harvey was trapped in A’s evil Dollhouse for, like, two years. Has she told the Liars any important information?
Sara has been taking a lot of showers. She also got a pixie cut. It’s cute, you should check it out. She’s staying at Emily’s house for the time being and convinced her to get the Chinese symbol for “courage” tattooed on her hip.

15. Emily got a tattoo? But how did she do that if she’s under 18? Did Pam sign a waver? Who does she think is A? Also, who is Bethany Young? What does she have to do with this whole Charles debacle? Why was she wearing a yellow top “that night?” Where is Cece? More importantly, where is Noel Kahn? Was he getting blackmailed by Ali, or nah? And Jenna? Why were Jenna, that girl from swim team who dressed like Jenna, and Mona meeting in the woods? Do they know who’s feeding Tippi? Do they know what happened to Melissa’s baby? Is Maya for sure dead? Who killed Garrett? Who killed Wilden? Who dug up Ali’s grave? And why? Why? WHY?
In all seriousness, season six has been absolutely amazing (and perfectly creepy) so far. Any minute now, I’m going to get my letter from Hogwarts Radley Sanitarium, but I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer … and Charles. Thank you, PLL, for making Tuesday my favorite, most suspensful day of the week!

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