22 questions we had during the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ premiere

Spoilers for Pretty Little Liars, season 6 episode 11 ahead!

1. So Ali’s just totally over that “my sister tortured me and my friends for years” thing? Ali, did you forget that she dated your brother?


2. What is Ezra’s book about? Is this the same true crime story manuscript that got tossed off of a ski lift, or nah?


3. Um, what kind of pills is Emily popping? Did she learn nothing from Spencer’s speed freak days? Does this mean there might be another black and white episode? (Fingers crossed.)


4. Are the Liars on Instagram now? Is Aria’s whole feed exclusively pictures of creepy dolls?


5. How the heck did Ashley end up running the Radley Sanitarium Hotel? Also, how great is it to see the Marin women drinking wine together?


6. Where can we get a Hastings bumper sticker? And where can we cast our vote?


7. Everyone keeps saying Ezra was in South America, but where exactly does that mean? It’s kind of a huge content: Was he in, like, the rainforest, or moonlighting as a tango dancer in Buenos Aires? Is Nicole dead or just MIA?


8. How awkward was that Spoby reunion? Is Toby building that house for Spencer, like he thinks he’s Ryan Gosling in The Notebook?


9. How did Emily’s dad die? And how is Pam dating? Is she on Match.com? Is her username “Empanada Mama?” Who. Is. Greg?


10. Who found this sassy judge? And can we see more of her, please?


11. How does Lucy Hale not have an Emmy? Who else got choked up by this monologue?


12. Did Mona always plan on changing her mind during the hearing so Charlotte would be sent home? Who do you work for, Mona?


13. What happened to Sara freaking Harvey in Radley? When Emily says that Sara will “show everyone” what the Liars did to her, is she referring to that awful Tippi the bird tramp stamp she got last season?


14. What goes into a Manic Depressive Mai Tai? Will Ashley consider adding it to the hotel bar’s menu for real?


15. “Why can’t they make quiet ice cubes?” Isn’t it funny that season one started with the girls drinking crappy liquor in Spencer’s barn and now they are drinking nicer liquor in a renovated madhouse?


16. Are those sparks flying? Does Emison have a chance?


17. Could we get a knife to cut this tension? Why did Hanna and Caleb break up? Would Hanna’s fiancé ever think to take her sexy camping? Probs not.


18. Are Spencer and Caleb boinking? Is that what he means when he says that he’s “staying in her barn?”


19. Where does Sara Harvey get all these veils? And where does she get all these hunky dudes to make sure she never falls over during a funeral?


20. Who killed Charlotte? Was it Pastor Ted? He has access to the bell tower for sure, right?


21. Was that an A ending? Or was that just Wren, dropping by to look just shady enough to be suspicious but not guilty?


22. Why can’t it be next Tuesday already?!


(Images via Freeform.)