There’s talk of a ‘Pretty Little Liars’ movie and we are full-on freaking out

Could A be going where no A has gone before — the movies? And not like, in typical A fashion where she lures all the Liars into a movie theater and then torments them for 90 minutes. We’re talking an actual movie for Pretty Little Liars. That’s I. Marlene King’s plan, anyway.

PLL is currently in the middle of its Season 6 hiatus, and will return to our television screens in early January. In case you’ve forgotten — LIKE YOU COULD EVER FORGET — A was finally unmasked to be CeCe Drake, and when the show returns it’ll pick back up five years in the future. The Liars has been there, done that with college, and for still unknown reasons, end up back in Rosewood together where everything is different. It’d seem as if PLL is slowly winding down to its grand finale, and the show has so far only been renewed for one more season. Time to start thinking of where to go next, and creator and show runner King has some “big” plans for the big screen.

Appearing on Good Morning America to answer some fan questions, when asked about the prospects of a movie, King explained, “We’ve got some really big ideas for a great PLL movie, but that won’t happen right after the series ends. I think we’ll take a little break and let everybody go off and do a few things and hopefully we’ll come back together again and do something really fun and special.”

The “big ideas” King has for this movie remains a mystery, which is normal for Rosewood. It sounds like whatever she’s thinking of would take place even further down the road in the future — maybe we’d get to see the Liars as late 20-somethings. Or Liars with little liars of their own! And these tiny tots start receiving sketchy notes at daycare written in crayon! And the whole cycle of A-shenanigans will repeat and repeat for all eternity!

Whatever happens with a future movie, we’re ready for it. As long as everything is done and resolved at the end of 90 minutes.

(Image via ABC Family)