“Pretty Little Liars” has an interactive app and it puts you right in the action

If you needed something to perk up your spirits with the news of Pretty Little Liars final season, here it is. According to VarietyPretty Little Liars will soon have an “Episode” app through Pocket Gems.

This interactive app allows you to have a digital choose your own adventure-style experience in the heart of the PLL world.

Set in the first season of the series, the PLL “Episode” basically enrolls you into Rosewood High School. Every decision changes the fate of your favorite characters. And if you don’t like the outcome, you can always just redo it and play again.

This app perfectly satisfies our need for more PLL before April 18th, 2017, when the final season of the series airs on Freeform. Plus, it exercises our imaginations in a super fun way.

And, if you’re feeling really creative, you can even write your own PLL stories on the app.

You can write, design, and publish from their app, if that tickles your fancy.

This isn’t the first time interactive elements have been introduced into the stories we love. Pocket Gems previously developed a Mean Girls interactive storyline. And, they even worked with Demi Lovato for her own game on the app.

If this app proves popular enough, a bunch more movies and TV shows may create similar interactive elements in the future.

Pretty Little Liars is the perfect show to try out dabble in this interactive media if you haven’t before. Plus, it’ll give you something to obsess over while you patiently wait for the final season to air.

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