This “PLL” star has had enough with diet pill spam bots

Ugh, spammers. They pop up on Facebook, on Instagram and at the bottom of articles, offering insanely false promises, like how to make thousands of dollars working from home, or how to lose a ton of weight in just days. It’s pretty clear that these commenters are bots, and we’d like to think that everyone knows better than to actually click on the links they provide. So why, then, do we keep seeing these spammy accounts?

Actress Troian Bellisario from Pretty Little Liars is taking a stand against the trolls. She replied to one bot a few different times, asking her to “stop advertising here” and to “stop selling gross sh*t that doesn’t work to young impressionable women.”

But the actress didn’t just let her comments hide under her photo. If she had done that they would have disappeared among the thousands of other comments, and we never would have seen them. Instead, Troian took a screenshot to ensure that all 6.8 million of her followers knew her response.

Troian totally calls the bot out for posting spam, but she doesn’t stop there. She encourages us, her followers, to bother these accounts as much as they bother us. Block them, report them, and be “as annoying to them as they are to us.” Her message is 100% on point — she wants to promote a healthy body image, and doesn’t want her young female followers to see the message that unhealthy weight loss is a good idea. Bravo, Troian! Down with the trolls.