Haleb fans, prepare yourself for some ‘Pretty Little Liars’ heartbreak

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a thousand Haleb hearts breaking into a million pieces because when Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family Freeform in January, Haleb will be no more. Haleb is over, and Hanna is moving on. Dry your tears because we just got a look at the new guy and it’s time for us to scrutinize.

Picking up five years in the future, the next season of PLL will find Hanna, Emily, Spencer, Aria – and Alison — all reuniting once again in Rosewood. Five years in the future a LOT has changed for our girls. From haircuts and new jobs to, yes, significant others. Last we heard from Hanna and Caleb, they were moving to New York City together. Caleb had gotten a job in tech (because he’s good at hacking everything) and Hanna was going off to college. Caleb was even going to pay to put her though college, after her scholarship fell through. Fairytale ending for our couple, right?

Between then and now, something went wrong and the two broke up. Cry, get it all out, it’s OK. Hanna then jets off to Europe for a fashion internship where she meets Jordan, played by Australian actor David Coussins. According to TVLine, who broke the casting, Jordan is “immersed in the fashion industry, just like his fiancée,” and has a “’down-to-earth quality’” to match his sophistication and swagger.”

He sounds pretty awesome and perfect for Hanna, but that’s not the point. The point is that Haleb should last forever, and this is just a small little detour for our fashion-savvy, sassy, smart Hanna. Viva la Haleb! Too much? Caleb’s also going to be around all season, so things could get very interesting.

Pretty Little Liars returns on January 12th, which is also conveniently the day ABC Family switches over to Freeform.

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