There is now a “Pretty Little Liars” exhibit, and here’s where to see it

As Pretty Little Liars approaches its finale, fans will get the chance to hold onto the Liars a little longer. The Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Los Angeles has added a new exhibit that takes Pretty Little Liars fans on a tour of the sets were they filmed the Freeform show.

Yup, that means this summer you can go experience Rosewood IRL. Though hopefully with a little less murder.

We need to go like…right now.

Gary Soloff,  Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood’s director of marketing, told the Huffington Post all about the new exhibit.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the success of the 7 seasons of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ with fans from around the world. We wanted to bring fans a special exhibit that allows guests to step behind the lens and see what went into the making of the series here at Warner Bros. Studio. Tour guests can see authentic props, set pieces, costumes, and Pretty Little Liars filming locations on their Warner Bros. Studio Tour."

At Pretty Little Liars: Made Here, fans will get to see things like the dollhouse and actual costumes from one of the many parties the Liars attended. In addition, they’ll get to see the Liar’s Lament board game and Radley Sanitarium. The costumes on view include Toby’s police uniform and many black hoodies. Most of all, visitors will get to immerse themselves in the world of A.

When the final episode of the series airs on June 26th, tears will be shed. But this is a way to prolong the magic and mystery a bit longer. And the show had some pretty iconic scenes.

Like when Aria realized Ezra was her teacher

Or those many cute little black funeral dresses

The Halloween train!!!

Ah, the wealth of memories this show has created over seven seasons. We’re booking our ticket to see where the magic happens ASAP.