“Pretty Little Liars” is ending, so you can finally go ahead and delete all those A texts

You knew this day was coming: Soon, there will be no more A texts left to receive (or send, depending on what side of ? you’re on).

Earlier today, Freeform announced that Pretty Little Liars is starting the beginning of the end. The summer mid-season finale will air tomorrow on the network, and then PLL will take a little hiatus. When the show picks back up for the remaining ten episodes of Season 7 in 2017, those will be the last 10 episodes of PLL ever.

But if you think PLL is just going to wrap up like a normal TV show, with lots of reunions and tying up loose ends, you’d be wrong. This is PLL we’re talking about, and for the series finale, they’re already promising: a two-hour, drama-filled television event.


“It’s been an honor to work with such a talented cast and crew over the last seven years,” creator and showrunner, I. Marlene King, explained in a press release. “We are a family, and it will be hard to say goodbye to a show that has made such an impact on young audiences and been a mouthpiece for cultural change. I’m excited for fans to finally have all of their questions answered, and I believe they will be satisfied with the wild ride that is our last ten episodes.”

The big announcement was made earlier on PLL’s Facebook, and the entire cast, and King, promise that all questions are answered. Really. REALLY!! We’ll finally learn who’s behind ? ONCE AND FOR ALL! 

Since the announcement, the Liars have been sharing their ~feelings~ with social media:

So buckle in, Liars. We’re in for one last final ride with this crew, and then we’ll be leaving Rosewood forever.