Every morning, this mom braids her daughter’s hair into the most magical styles

Meet Shelley Gifford of Melbourne, Australia, mother of 6-year-old Grace, who’s currently giving the Internet all the #momgoals AND all the #hairgoals,

Every morning, Shelley braids daughter Grace’s hair into the most elaborate styles and we are obsessed forever. Check out some of the hair art that has earned this mother-daughter duo over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

And to think, we were SO proud of ourselves for having mastered a fishtail.

As Gifford told TODAY, she’s been braiding since she was a kid, but it was only in 2014 when she discovered the wild world of Internet braiding that she took her braid game to the next level. Make that the next several hundred levels, these hairstyles are more than just cool, they’re straight-up art.

And the loveliest thing is mom and daughter get to bond while the hair is being did. “It’s a lovely feeling to have that special time with her each morning and I think it’s an added bonus that she has that personal attention to make her feel special,” Gifford told TODAY. And now everything is warm and fuzzy forever.

Below, some more of our favorite Gifford-made braids. To get a front-row seat to these mother-daughter hair adventures, follow the duo at @prettylittlebraids on Instagram.

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