The internet was pretty emotional over “I am Heath Ledger,” and we get it

When Heath Ledger died, his fans took it pretty hard. And now with the release of I am Heath Ledger, we’re reminded of how hard his death was. Twitter was abuzz while watching the documentary, all expressing their thoughts on the actor. The documentary is meant to give us a look at Heath like we’ve never seen before.

Now obviously, it wasn’t just hard for fans. Apparently, Heath’s sister Kate also had a hard time watching the documentary. And understandably so. His death was shocking to everyone and we’re still all coming to terms with the talent that was lost too soon. He ended up winning an Oscar the year of his death, for his work in The Dark Knight, and many of us wonder what other amazing work he could have done.

Heath was a bright light that was extinguished too soon.

So, of course, fans took to Twitter to talk about the documentary and their emotions. Most were all about how amazing the documentary was. And then, naturally, people had to talk about their feelings on Heath.

It truly is a sad thing to think about because we always saw the talent that Heath had and when his death  came so suddenly, many were confused. He was getting rave reviews for his work in The Dark Knight at the time, and it seemed like Hollywood was at his feet.

It’s hard to think about the work we could have still seen from Heath.

But at least we have this documentary now to serve as our memory of the actor. And it will be a lovely memento for his daughter, Matilda, to have as she continues to grow.

So while Heath is gone, this documentary reminds us of the joy he brought to us all. And his amazing talent that still lives on in his movies. Because if you’re ever sad about Heath Ledger, you can always turn on A Knight’s Tale and cry.

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