I tried press-on toenails to see if they were a gimmick, and they lasted longer than a nail salon pedicure

Press-on nails have made a huge resurgence this year. Whether beauty gurus are raving about them or designers like Christian Siriano are creating chic press-on nail collections, you can’t deny that they’re an easy hack.

While press-on manicures have been trendy in the beauty world, press-on toenails (yes, toenails) are where it’s really at. Trust me, you need to try them ASAP (if you haven’t already). I first came across press-on toenails back in April 2018 when I attended Beautycon. I stopped at the Dashing Diva booth to rack up press-on nail designs and ended up leaving with a set of the MagicPress Press-On Pedicure as well.

To be honest, I was super skeptical of using press-on toenails. But the brand rep, who helped me pick out a design, convinced me to try them. The set she had on were beautiful, and apparently, they lasted over two weeks. Even though I wasn’t completely convinced that they would remain intact for two weeks, I was intrigued enough to purchase them.

These are the press-on toenails I purchased:


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Just like the brand rep stated, the set ended up lasting over two weeks. In fact, they lasted about three. Honestly, I could have kept them on longer, but my real toenails were starting to grow out. You could see the gap between my cuticle and the press-on. To get more information on how the nails work, I reached out to Ashley Brocco, the marketing manager of Dashing Diva.

She explained that the super hold adhesive activates when you apply pressure. The more pressure you apply, the better and longer the nails will stay on. Another thing to keep in mind—application is key. The presence of polish, oil, etc. on your nails will interfere with how the press-ons apply and how long they last. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about them popping off when you shower, sweat, or wear close-toed shoes. Brocco explained they are “waterproof and chip-resistant.”

A closer look at the design.


Each pack comes with 30 nails to ensure you’ll find the sizes that fit the best with your toenails. They come in different styles, too, but these are the ones I bought.

What the kit looks like, and this is the most crucial part of the application process


The kit includes a cuticle stick, a mini nail file, and an alcohol pad. Make sure to use the alcohol wipe so your nails are clean and prepped for the application.

Here’s what the press-on toenails look like once they’re applied


In the same way you apply press-on nails, you’ll want to prep your toes, find the sizes that fit each nail, and then remove the plastic on the back to reveal the adhesive. Lastly, make sure to apply pressure to the top of your nails. Then you’re all done!

I’ve stuck with Dashing Diva press-ons because I know from my experience that they’ll last. Even after three weeks of having them on, they were difficult to take off. The adhesive was still strong. Brocco suggested I remove the press-on toenails by applying cuticle oil and gently pushing the fake nails back.

If you’re looking to save money or don’t have the time to go to the nail salon, I recommend trying some of the press-on toenails (and regular nails) from Dashing Diva. While they claim to last seven days, I know firsthand that they can remain in good condition longer than that.

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