The Presidential candidates as potato heads are exactly what we needed during this election

Currently, right now, we’re at the tail end of January. That means the eleventh month of the year, November, is still really faaaaaaaaaaaar away. That means, we’re still a looooooong ways from the end of this current election cycle, which already feels like it’s been going on for eons, TBH. But, at least now we’ve got Presidential Potato Heads to keep us company.

Artist Hannah Rothstein has take her fondness for politics to the next level, and in the process has gone to the potatoes. She’s created a series — hand-created, that is — of Mr. Potato Heads that bear a striking resemblance to presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders, and yes, Donald Trump.

“It seemed like the perfect integration of medium and message,” Rothstein explained to Time. “I wanted to draw parallels between games and the political scene right now, and also represent the common concern that politicians are all the same underneath.”

Calling them Mr. (and Mrs.) Politico Heads, each figure also comes with some fun props! Trump’s has a bag of money, Ted Cruz is holding a Canadian Maple Leaf, and Ben Carson has a cross. Rothstein’s intent is for you to be able to “mix and match” the features on the figures, just like you would really playing with a Mr. Potato head, because we should be able to “create [our] own ideal candidate”

Though the figures are not for sale, Rothstein would be open to selling them in the future, or at least their interchangable features. But just quick question, which Politico Potato heads come with their angry eyes, just in case?

(Images via Instagram)