Watch President Obama try REALLY hard to remember all the “Game of Thrones” characters who died

~Warning! Spoilers ahead (because we’re talking Game of Thrones and death so of course there are!)~


Since the end of Season 1 when Ned Stark met his untimely demise, fans of the show have just been holding on for (*ahem*) dear life knowing that at any given moment one of their beloved characters could die (and usually they don’t come back). It’s so well-known, in fact, that people even place bets about who may be next to join the Old Gods and The New.

What you may not know is that President Obama is a big fan of the hit HBO show. So much so, he requested (and was granted) access to the episodes before the general public could watch them. But even for a diehard fan, it’s difficult to keep track of just how many characters in the show have actually died. And Obama proves this in a recent Buzzfeed video by attempting to list all the deceased Game of Thrones characters off the top of his head. And he shows that even the Leader of the Free World has a hard time keeping up with the staggering amount of death in the Seven Kingdoms.

He begins the list strong with some fan-favorites, staring with, “Alright you’ve got Ned, Robb, Khal Drogo.” He then adds, “Jon, but maybe that doesn’t really count.” He begins skipping a bit all over the place and including direwolves (which totally count) saying, “Renly, Summer, and Shaggydog.” He even echoes some of our own sentiments about certain deaths by saying “Hodor…that was sad,” then rounding the video out with “Joffrey…thank God.” 

The video was created as a voting PSA and is filled with the President attempting all sorts of seemingly simple yet surprisingly difficult tasks. While it’s a delight to watch on its own, it’s even more delightful to know exactly what we can talk to him about if we ever get the chance.

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