President Obama just handled this toddler’s temper tantrum like a champ

When you take your child somewhere important (like to the White House to meet the President of the United States, like THAT kind of important) you REALLY hope your kid will be cool. But kids are kids! They are magical and mysterious creatures and you never really know what will delight and enchant them and what will send them spiraling in a very loud and public way.

As TIME reports, journalist Laura Moser experienced this variety of public humiliation a few months ago when she took her daughter to the White House’s Passover dinner. Her toddler daughter had a meltdown right in front of POTUS (like a lying-facedown-on-the-White-House-carpet kind of meltdown).  The moment was caught on someone’s phone: we see Michelle Obama looking down at the child half-amused, half-freaked-out, while President Obama gives the camera a Jim Halpert look and a Mona Lisa smile. Also great: another toddler girl staring down at the tantrum-thrower like “Dude, what are you DOING?”

The photo went public on Thursday when the toddler’s uncle, New York Times columnist Benjamin Moser tweeted the photo with the caption: “This really might be the best picture ever: my niece Claudia throwing a fit at Passover.”

Mom Laura Moser is being awesome about this hilarious photo circling around the internet. She good natured-ly posted the pic on Twitter with the caption “My daughter is an internet meme.”

Kids, kids, kids.

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