Grab your headphones, President Obama just made you a summer playlist

What do you do when your term is ending and it’s time to de-stress? Rock out to some tunes, of course. That’s exactly what the White House is doing with their new Spotify page, which consists of playlists curated by the president himself. They anticipate more contributors from other offices so we can really get a sense of what it sounds like behind those Washington D.C. gates.

Obama released these playlists yesterday on his Twitter, starting with his summer playlist for the daytime:

And then there’s a slower nighttime mix:

Who new our President had such amazing taste in music? These playlists offer mix of oldies and newbies, but all goodies. There’s everything from Bob Dylan to Coldplay to Joni Mitchell to Beyoncé. It makes you want to pour yourself a glass of lemonade and sit out on your deck. At least, that’s what I picture President Obama doing as he picked out these tracks.

Here’s what Spotify had to say about all this:

Can we put in requests? Because I’d love to hear a Michelle Obama arm workout playlist, and a Sasha and Malia sister playlist, and I’d love to know what Joe Biden listens to as he struts through the White House. I guess we’ll just have to stay TUNE-d!

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