President Obama lost his mind over this kid dressed as the Pope

The White House hosted a Halloween party on Friday, complete with an enchanted forest, acrobatic circus performers and over 4,000 guests. The President and First Lady were also there, natch,  and handed out candy to a bunch of adorable trick or treaters.

Hold up. You can trick or treat at the actual White House? Yep, you sure can. Most of the kids invited to participate were children of military moms and dads, which is a pretty awesome way to celebrate their parents’ service. Some local school children also got to check out the candy sitch at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But one kid in particular caught the President’s eye, because his costume was epic, you guys. EPIC.

The little trick or treater was dressed as Pope Francis, complete with a tiny white Popemobile. (With a Fiat emblem, because the Vatican is in Italy, after all.) The whole spectacle was so adorable that the President couldn’t help cracking up laughing. He basically lost it, guys. Then he did what any of us would have done. He Instagrammed the whole episode. (He’s one of us!)

We especially love the way he captioned this next pic, “Wait…wasn’t he just here?” alluding to Pope Francis’ visit to the White House last month. (Or more probably, some witty White House staffer captioned it. But still. Adorbs.)

The mini Pope won the entire day (if not all of Halloween in general) when the President gave him a thumbs up and said “Top Prize.” He didn’t need to see any more. Because really, how could it get any better? No word if Pope Francis has seen these pics, but the Vatican has an IG account. So here’s hoping.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what trick or treaters were given at the White House, here’s the scoop: each kid got a box of White House Hershey’s kisses, a White House Halloween cookie, a box of White House M&Ms, fruit bars (we’re sensing the First Lady’s influence here), kettle corn, Bo and Sunny baseball cards and an assortment of candies.

That’s quite a haul. No wonder mini-Pope needed a car to get it all home.


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[Images via @whitehouse on Instagram.]

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