Twitter has flipped out over this creepy snowman stalking President Obama

This latest photo may be the tipping point to making President Obama the most meme-able president in history. The White House staff shared a picture of our POTUS being stalked by a pretty creepy snowman on Twitter, and it had the world on edge. While Obama was hard at work — you know, protecting the country from great dangers, and such — he was totally unaware of what was peering through the Oval Office window. And as playful as snow may seem, this totally looks like a scene from a Christmas-themed horror flick.

In all seriousness, we ~bet~ the snowman is harmless. Its just hoping that someone will come out and play soon. But, how it found its way to the window of the Oval Office? That still remains to be seen…

It all started when White House staff shared a photo of President Obama being stalked by the creepy snowman.

And that’s when everyone started to lose their minds!



We totally agree — it’s pretty creepy. And it totally looks like it has some kind of ulterior motive.

We’re sure going to miss the White House staff’s sense of humor. We imagine it will be a while until we get these many laughs from government again.