There is a preschool for orangutans, and it is just as adorable as it sounds

If you are basically incapacitated by the adorableness of the idea of a preschool for orangutans, you’re not alone, I can barely get through typing the phrase, it’s just too cute.

The thing is, it’s not a thing Lisa Frank thought up for a binder one time when we were in third grade, it’s REAL.

As ABC reports, the school was started by the International Animal Rescue (IAR) in West Borneo, the inaugural class is currently in session with six students: Jemmi, Limpang, Seponti, Jecka, Asoka and Gito. All were orphaned as babies, and need school to help them rehabilitate so they can eventually return to the wild.

The IAR already had a school system in place for getting its orangutans ready for forest life. There’s baby school, forest school, forest school 2 on an artificial island, and then a trial on a pre-release island before they can finally go back home to their forest. That said, some of their littlest orangutans weren’t ready for baby school. And so orangutan preschool was created.

As the IAR explains on their website:

See the sweetness below, merry early Christmas, you’re welcome.

(Image via ABC News)