Our hearts have broken over this news about the premature twins who went viral for hugging

Almost exactly a month ago, a couple in Florida welcomed twin boys into their lives, named Hawk and Mason. They were premature, and although Mason was relatively healthy, Hawk was diagnosed with a rare condition that prevents a baby’s lungs from growing properly. Hawk had surgery to help with this condition, and the twins’ parents made a Facebook page to update those concerned about his status.

A couple of weeks ago, a picture of the twins went viral when Mason and Hawk were reunited for the first time since birth, and Mason wrapped an arm around his brother and grinned. Honestly, it’s A LOT.

Now, they’ve broken our hearts once again for a different reason. A reason that’s completely shattered us.

Tragically, Hawk lost his battle last week and passed away peacefully. And, most importantly, with a lot of love.

Hawk and Mason’s parents later shared a photo from Hawk’s funeral. While we’re sure this is an incredibly emotional time for them, we admire their desire to spread awareness for the condition that ultimately took Hawk’s life, called congenital diaphragmatic hernia or CDH.

Best wishes, lots of love, and much strength to Mason and Hawk’s parents, friends, and loved ones during this incredibly difficult time. We can’t imagine dealing with this terrible loss, and hope that the future holds only wonderful things for this extraordinary family.

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