Pregnant Shay Mitchell’s boyfriend is pressuring her against an epidural, and it’s honestly not okay

Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel are expecting a baby in about eight weeks, so we know it’s a nerve-racking, exciting time for them both. As anyone who’s been pregnant also knows, the stress and discomfort Mitchell is feeling right now is much different than anything Babel is experiencing….which is why we think he should pipe down when it comes to his girlfriend’s plans for breastfeeding and using an epidural during labor.

"As a woman, your body is genetically engineered to give birth," Babel says to Mitchell in the third episode of her YouTube show Almost Ready. (Ugh.)

The episode begins with the two in bed and Mitchell talking about the sleep trouble she’s been having (another great pregnancy side effect no one tells you about!).

When Mitchell sleepily mentions her fear of developing hemorrhoids during labor, Babel starts in with his problematic mansplaining on childbirth.

“They can happen in labor if you don’t feel anything,” he says. From the video, it seems to not be the first time Babel has opined on Mitchell not getting an epidural.

"Giving birth without an epidural or a couple hemorrhoids?" Mitchell replies. "I'm going to take the hemorrhoids."

Babel keeps going with a sort-of compliment about how she can do it because she works out, but the Pretty Little Liars alum isn’t having it.

Later in the episode, Babel explains that his understanding of women’s bodies and childbirth comes from his 16-years-younger sister and having friends who “have no business having kids who were able to get through it.” (Not, you know, from any experience as an actual person who has grown another person inside his body and then let it gnaw on his nipple for hours a day.)

Of course, this is in no way a reason to pressure Mitchell into breastfeeding and natural childbirth if it’s not what Mitchell wants.

“All I know is I just need Matte to silencio and give me a little bit of space so I can figure that out,” Mitchell complains to a friend on the phone.

To make him understand a very small amount of what she’s been going through, the actress gives him a faux pregnancy weight for his belly, along with an app-controlled electronic patch that will simulate painful baby kicks. Then she makes him wear it while they go for a hike. You’ll have to watch the video for the full hilarious effect. You may find yourself hoping for a sequel in which she discovers another kit that will simulate childbirth and breastfeeding too. Or maybe that’s just us?

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