This mom is being shamed for exercising while pregnant

Another day, another opportunity for haters to judge people they don’t know on the internet. After a fitness model posted a video of herself exercising while 6 months pregnant, commenters came out of the woodwork to criticize her for her choices.

Sarah Stage is a 33-year-old model. She posted a video of herself doing a core-heavy home workout (with her 2-year-old son James in tow). Because the internet can’t get enough of 1) shaming women for their bodies and 2) shaming mothers and pregnant women for their parenting choices, the judgemental comments came quick and heavy to Stage’s Instagram profile.

"This routine scared the hell out of me even watching," one commented. "She must be pregnant in the ass because where the hell is the baby?" wrote another.

Stage followed up to say she received her doctor’s approval to maintain her regular exercise routine. According to pre- and post-natal fitness expert Hannah Davis, Stage was right to consult her doctor beforehand.

"Every [woman's] fitness level may be different at the start of pregnancy so it is very important to first listen to your doctor and not follow guidelines from a non-professional un-certified fitness enthusiast," Davis told Cosmopolitan.

SO. Moral of the story: If you’re not carrying the child in question or the doctor of the person who is, keep those hurtful comments to yourself.

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