This pregnant mom fights back after being shamed for her muscular baby bump

The online world has a strange obsession with women’s baby bumps. This is something 33-year-old fitness professional Oxana Rumyantseva knows to be true. That’s because, with her current pregnancy (in which she’s 38 weeks along), people have been taking note of how muscular her belly looks — and not in a good way.

Commenters have written that Oxana looks too skinny to be pregnant, insisting that she’s “starving the baby” and “being selfish” for keeping up a fitness regimen.

Many were also speculating that this was a fake baby bump and that Oxana was actually planning to adopt. One person took it way too far and said, “How would you feel if you fell flat on your stomach and miscarried?

Though the online world can be a cruel place, Oxana is too badass to let it affect her. She told the New York Daily News that she knows she’s doing the best thing for her body and her baby:

“I need to be an active pregnant mom. I need to be healthy and strong and to have energy for my big family.”

Oxana poignantly added,

“There are so many haters who don’t understand fitness during pregnancy and call my pregnant abs ugly … A lot of people think that pregnancy is like disease and think you should spend it lying in bed, but that’s not healthy.”

Overall, Oxana is not at all embarrassed by her level of activity during this pregnancy. She works out four times a week, sometimes doing cardio and sometimes weightlifting. You can see on her Insta profile that she’s really into yoga as well. The closer she gets to the big day, the more she incorporates low-impact exercises. She’s recently been taking many long walks on the beach.

It’s important to acknowledge that these activities are perfectly healthy for all moms and moms-to-be, whether they’re fitness professionals or not. Oxana’s doctors totally approve of her workouts, as does the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which recommends that women stick to aerobic and strength exercising most days of the week during their pregnancy.

“I’m feeling really good; I sleep well, have lots of energy, and have no pain. No one has to worry. My doctor says my baby is a normal weight and doing great,” Oxana concluded.

Ultimately, we wish Oxana the very best with her fourth child and admire her commitment to staying fit while pregnant.

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