This pregnant fitness model is not here for your body-shaming

There should be a rule about not commenting on other people’s bodies — especially if those people happen to be pregnant. However, people don’t follow rules, and people DEFINITELY comment on other people’s bodies, so we have to talk about things like body-shaming and internet comments and the wonderful, brave people who take a stand and say, “Enough is enough.” Today, that person is fitness model Daegan Coyne.

Daegan Coyne is pregnant, and she has been posting photos of her body on Instagram during every stage of her pregnancy. While many women are often told that they’re too big for their stage in the pregnancy, she’s actually receiving a very different kind of concern-trolling — people are telling her that she’s too small. She finally got fed up with it, and posted an Instagram photo with a caption to shut down her haters.

The full caption says:

She’s so right — there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” pregnancy, and we need to stop worrying about other people and trust that for the most part, we all know what’s best for ourselves — or at the very least, our medical professionals do. Move along, body-shamers. Move along.

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