This pregnant doctor’s Facebook post has gone viral for the greatest reason

When it comes to our expectations of women, society tends to throw a lot of different ideas and ideals in our direction. Too often, a woman is expected to be the perfect mother, employee, spouse, friend, and so forth, with little regard to how said woman is actually getting through the day. Too rarely do we celebrate women who are doing everything they can, and doing an amazing job at it.

Take the recent Facebook post by Megan Meier, a medical doctor who specializes in sports and dance medicine, doing her job while pregnant. It is pretty darn inspiring, and not what you’re likely to expect:

As Meier explains in her caption, "This is what happens when you are 35 weeks pregnant, husband leaves town for the weekend, childcare for 3yo falls through, and you have a game to cover!"

In the photo, Meier has one child in her very pregnant stomach, one child literally strapped to her back, and all the while is checking in on a student athlete at a football game. Basically, she is doing it all, and it’s really inspiring for women everywhere to see and celebrate what working mothers do, day in and day out. 

The Facebook post, which was posted last Wednesday, has over 6.1 THOUSAND likes, and has been shared over 1.5 thousand times as well. The commenters, pretty much in unison, have praised the mom for her superhero skills.

"what a perfect example of a human being," Facebook user Dominykas Andrasiunas wrote. "[You're'] Super Woman! Really, you look so calm and cool!" Another (Mel Smith) stated.

Meier, too, goes on to thank her support system and encourages others to celebrate and share their accomplishments. Because no matter what your job is or what your family set-up is, being a mother always entails balancing more than meets the eye. And that always deserves celebration!

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