This couple’s pregnancy time-lapse video is giving us a major case of feels

Remember when Mark and Brittany Sherman created the most precious time-lapse video ever, chronicling the arrival of their little Zoey Elizabeth? They took a bunch of super adorable pictures and put them all together into a YouTube video that went totally viral.

Now, because apparently the Shermans are really good at making us feel the feels, they’ve posted yet another one chronicling the arrival of Grace Evangeline on October 19th. Dubbing it “The Sequel,” the couple strung together about  2,000 photos from all over the world — specifically, Africa (where they were living), Amsterdam (where they had an extended layover), and back home in the United States. “Normally we would be really nervous in that type of situation but thought viewers would find it really unique to keep the story going while traveling,” Mark told BabyCenter.

Oh, and this time, it features their now 22-month-old Zoey, making it even MORE adorable because we get to watch her grow up during this crucial time of development.“Brittany said the most special aspect for her was having Zoey be part of this one, watching her participate in it, and even watching her physically grow throughout the video,” Mark told BabyCenter. “After all, when we started this, Zoey was crawling, and by the end she’s a full on toddler – walking, talking, learning, and developing in every way!”

It’s clear that this video is going to go viral once again, but the Shermans are more focused on what this video has given them: something to show Grace when she’s old enough.

Check out the full video below, but not before you grab a box of tissues, because this one’s a doozy.

(Image via YouTube.)

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