If you prefer your makeup matte, this new Cover FX mattifying setting spray might be your holy grail

Setting spray is one of those fancy beauty products that seems like only makeup professionals should have access to — but lucky for us we all get to use them, because we all deserve to have our makeup stay on our faces all day long! If you’re a setting spray devotee and you’re into matte makeup, you’re gonna LOVE the new Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray that is coming out!

It’s kind of amazing that there even is such a thing as setting spray, and that there are so many different kinds that do a variety of things for your makeup and skin, don’t you think? Some make you extra dewy, some hydrate your skin, and others help your makeup stay firmly in place.

The Cover FX Mattifying Spray is the perfect match to their recently released Illuminating Setting Spray. The new matte spray will be available for $31 this May, and according to Trendmood, it keeps your makeup in place and looks incredibly natural.

The formula is alcohol-free, so you don’t need to worry about your skin feeling dried out. You’ll get a natural looking matte while it sets your makeup, controls oil, and gets rid of shine. You can also spritz it on areas that get very oily, like your forehead and chin, and avoid your cheekbones if you still want your highlighter to pop.


If Cover FX are just as adept at creating matte products as they are makeup that makes your shimmer, then you know this setting spray is gonna be the good stuff. You’ve seen how incredible their makeup drops are, right?

These are people who know what they’re doing!

Keep your eyes peeled for any more upcoming info about the Mattifying Setting Spray, we’ll probably be getting a release date soon! And if there’s anything we all need, it’s a way to keep our makeup from sliding off our faces on long, hot summer days, so this beauty will be joining us just in time!

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