Pre-awards show Kristen Bell looks very different from red carpet Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell looked smokin’ hot at the Emmys last night because everything about her look was completely on-point. Including her boobs that she apparently taped to her shoulders so they wouldn’t fall out of her dress.

Seriously. She posted a diagram on Instagram explaining exactly how her boobs fit into her dress, and it’s hysterical.

"When you need a non surgical boob lift to perfectly fit into you emmy dress: Step 1. Tape your nipple to your shoulder. Step 2. Repeat on opposite side. #leukoflextape #honesty"

Bell was all about the honesty on Instagram last night, and we loved every second of it. She also posted some pre-Emmys pics while in the process of getting glam. Example: a shot of her pre-makeup face.

"Getting ready for the #emmys," she wrote. "Look closely...I have serious doubts this is actually a lip conditioning sticker my makeup artist @simonesiegl applied over my mouth...I'm pretty sure she just wanted me to zip it."

Exhibit B: a pic of the hairstyle she thought was finished.

"Caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and said, confidently, 'This looks GREAT guys! Let's go!' Then was informed we're only half way done. Oh well. #emmys"

And then, it gets even better with a shot of Bell and her pre-Emmys snack.

"The shading on my chin tonight was courtesy of @pizzasauce. #pizzasauce #emmys

It won’t be surprising if pizza sauce chin shading actually becomes a thing.

Even on a huge night like the Emmys, we truly appreciate that  Kristen Bell is always keeping it real.

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