Pravana’s new color-changing hair dye is like a mood ring for your hair

Like our fellow nostalgic millennials, we will admit to being practically obsessed with mood rings, as each color-changing ring definitely felt like magic before our very eyes. So we always love when beauty brands get in on the color-changing product action, as we always go gaga for lipsticks that instantly transform upon application. And while a heat-changing, temporary hair dye sounds like something mood ring lovers could only dream of, brands like Pravana are making our beauty dreams a reality.

The brand is unveiling the new Vivids Mood Color, and it’s a heat activated temporary hair color!


It comes in four transformative shades — Cool Violet to Warm Pink, Lime Green to Sunny Yellow, Smokey Gray to Invisible, and Tropical Peach to Invisible.

Here’s how the Lime Green to Sunny Yellow dye looks like when blow dried.


Each Pravana Vivids Mood Color changes upon heat styling application, meaning your straighteners, curling irons, and even crimping irons (style tools need to be at 400 degrees or below) will allow your color to change in an instant.

And you can also expect your color to change back when it cools down.

Here we are using a classy AF champagne bottle to change the hair dye back to Cool Violet.

But while these Pravana colors may seem high maintenance, the brand assures that each shade will wash out with shampoo. Plus, it won’t even affect your hair color underneath!

Perfect for those who want to try a funky dip-dye, or are looking for a simple festival-inspired look, the new Pravana Vivids Mood Color will be available on September 1st for a limited time at participating salons.

Check out our video below to see this magical hair transformation.

[tempo-video id=”5549867698001″ account=”4607804089001″]

And while these colors tend to work better on lighter hair, it’s a really cool way to play (and slay!) with extreme hair color.