After you watch this prank with Samara from “The Ring,” you’ll never want to shop for a TV again

The third film in The Ring franchise, Rings, hits theaters on February 3rd — and what better way to celebrate its release than by scaring the living daylights out of a bunch of unsuspecting shoppers at an electronics store? After you watch this prank with Samara from The Ring, you’ll probably never want to shop for a TV again — but, it sure is entertaining. (Well, at least for those of us watching the footage from the safety of our homes.)

Few of us will forget that creepy scene when Samara crawled out of a TV set into a living room. (*Raise your hand if you got chills just thinking about it*)

So, some New York pranksters celebrated the upcoming release of Rings by building a fake wall at an electronics store, complete with a real woman popping out of the TV set.

Considering this is not exactly what shoppers expected when they headed to the store, there was predictably a whole lot of screaming and running — some customers even tried to protect themselves by throwing boxes in her path. (A for effort!)


We may hold off on heading to the store to buy our next TV, but the horror movie fanatics among us are even more excited to see Rings than we were before. Plus, this is one of the best pranks that we’ve seen in a long time — and hopefully the innocent shoppers aren’t too traumatized and will someday appreciate being part of this hilarious, creative practical joke.