People are pranking their moms by asking them how to microwave a turkey, and the texts are going viral

All across the U.S., families are currently preparing for Thanksgiving 2018. And if you’re one of the many millennials hosting a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner for the first time, you likely know it can be quite the undertaking. And in the spirit of the season, some grown children have been punking their parents by texting them a particularly alarming question: How do you microwave a turkey?

It’s not clear how this prank got started, but it’s been circulating on social media since about November 14th. While the U.S. Department of Agriculture website states that you can actually cook a turkey in the microwave, it notes that most microwaves can only handle a 12-to-14-pound bird. However, most “kids” have been asking how to cook a 25-pound turkey (lol). And the responses from parents are officially everything. One mom even told her daughter, “don’t ever get married.”

Take a look.


Even celebs are joining in on the fun.

Some sent the question to their grandparents. false

However, some parents have already caught on to the joke.

Of course, we don’t actually advocate trying to cook your 25-pound bird in a microwave. But as far as pranks go, this seems like a pretty harmless way to get into the holiday spirit. Happy Turkey Day, everyone.

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