In praise of the selfie

When I first started working at my job, I took selfies with everything at the office. Our murals (we have a lot of murals), wearing my first company t-shirt as an employee, a selfie of me taking a selfie (I know). My coworker Crystal and I even developed a reputation as the ‘selfie queens’ of the office.

And I get it. You see someone taking a selfie and it might seem irritating, or self-absorbed. But through our friendly competition (and shared shame), Crystal and I came to the same conclusion:Selfies aren’t about being self-obsessed. They’re about expressing confidence. Personally, I don’t post selfies because I’m obsessed with my looks or face or self. I do it because I’m the opposite of that.

I’ve struggled with my appearance — and myself as an existing human person in general — my whole life. Not because there’s anything wrong-looking about me, but because my brain’s always believed there was thanks to years of being a socially awkward child. So when I’m feelin’ good enough to take a selfie? I take a bunch. Because it’s a moment of confidence as rare as a pink unicorn riding a freakin narwhal.

But those moment are getting less rare. Weirdly enough, selfies have helped me build that confidence.

Working at the company I do was a confidence-building exercise in itself, because on top of being writers or designers or whatever our respective job titles are? We’re all t-shirt models. And sure, if I could tell my 6th grade self, “hey, you become a freakin’ model” her head would explode. But when you’re modeling, doesn’t matter if you like your face in the pic or not — the big bad world’s gonna see ya, baby.

But I like to think that it’s more about what the leader of the selfie movement, “mrpimpgoodgame,” had to say to Vice:

Of course there are limits to everything. You can selfie too much, just like you can do too much of basically anything. But the next time you start feeling irked at the girl at the public pool making her friends take pictures of her posing in front of the tube slide for 15 minutes, take a breath. She was feelin’ it. And that’s really what it’s about — feelin’ good enough to take a picture of your face to post on the unforgiving troll-forest of the internet.

So go ahead. Ditch the selfie stigma. Flip that camera to facing-you mode. And love thy selfie.

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