In praise of the most comfortable type of dress ever made

When I am in a bad mood (so, basically 95% of the time now that I’m in my last trimester of pregnancy,) there are three things that, without exception, cheer me up.

1.) Iced decaf Americanos from Starbucks (thank you for providing my most prominent pregnancy indulgence, Starbucks. You are our family’s hero!)

2.) Having a genuine, kind and human conversation with a stranger.

3.)Wearing a comfortable, beautiful maxi dress.

Maxi dresses rule. They’re a one-piece outfit, so even the laziest of us can pull together a handsome getup in just a few minutes. They’re also roomy, which means you can eat as many slices of pie as you want without needing to switch into sweat pants and lucky for the maxi huntress, this summer designers are all about that maxi life. If you’ve been afraid to slip on a maxi dress because someone has told you not to wear them if you’re a shorter gal, ignore that stupid fashion rule thingie. Remember: if you like it- wear it. There are no rules. Grab an iced coffee and check out these airy, dreamy maxis!

Vintage Floral Maxi Dress by Lucky Brand $99

I have a confession: I hate the color orange. Well, at least, I always think I hate the color orange until I see it woven into other color schemes and mixed with floral prints. Only then do I recognize how lovely orange hues really are. Take for example, this totally charming maxi from Lucky. I love the olden timey inspired style and the deep orange and blue contrasts are sweet and sturdy.

Striped Shirt Dress by H&M $69.99

Sometimes I kinda WTF the styling associated with featured garments on websites. But there isn’t a single thing I’d change about this entire outfit H&M has whipped up to compliment this magical striped maxi. The stripes are perfectly spaced out and the colors are rich. The overall fit is classy and comfortable and I have a crush on those sling back platform sandals, too.

Vintage Poppy Garden Maxi by Talltumbleweed Vintage $44

This true to its era white poppy garden maxi dress in my shop right now is as close to the perfect, airy summer maxi as I can imagine. I love the primary color scheme, the white background and the darling puff sleeve detail. Belt it and dress it up, skip the belt and go for an evening walk with your pup.

Urban Renewal Remade Ballet Rib Tank Maxi Dress by Urban Outfitters $89

Tell me what’s sweeter than a pale pink, linen pixie dream dress? Nothing.

Spin Me Round Plunging Knit Dress by Nastygal $58

Oof. If pale pink isn’t your bag, Nastygal has this so right in every way maxi. It’s simple, a perfect hunter green, boasts draped, airy kimono sleeves and gathers loosely at an empire waist, making it the absolute best-one-more-slice-of-pie summer dress.

Happy maxi hunting, gigglers! And don’t forget, you’re the captain of your own ship. Wear whatever you want & don’t pay attention to style “rules.” They’re boring and wrong.


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