How to to practice “clean sleeping” which is apparently a thing you could be doing

We’re pretty sure that you’ve heard about clean eating, but do you know how to practice “clean sleeping”? According to Gwyneth Paltrow’s book Goop: Clean Beauty, the trick to living your best life is try it out. So what is clean sleeping? Paltrow says that it’s all about making sure you get a solid, uninterrupted 7-8 hours of sleep every single night. If you can swing it, she even recommends 10 hours. Imagine that! Ten whole hours of glorious sleep. Oh, to be so lucky.

Clean sleeping isn’t impossible, though.

Paltrow writes in her book, “My nutrition expert Frank Lipman has explained to me that poor-quality sleep can be unsettling for the metabolism and hormones, which can lead to weight gain, bad moods, impaired memory and brain fog, as well as serious health concerns such as inflammation and reduced immunity (which can increase your risk of chronic disease). And it goes without saying that poor sleep is terrible from a beauty perspective.”

It’s really nothing new — everyone knows that sleep is good for you. But clean sleeping is about making sleep a priority and really paying attention to to your sleep routine.

Here are a few Paltrow-recommended ways to get those precious hours.

1Go to bed at a certain time.

Sleep experts say that 10:30 p.m. is the perfect time for a grown human being to go to bed. That way, with a solid 8 hours of beauty rest you can get up at 7:30 a.m. or 8:30 a.m., which are perfectly respectable times to be heading into an office. It’s not a terrible time to go to bed, but it will mean you have to DVR your late-night shows.

2Eat right after waking up.

If you eat breakfast about a half hour after waking up. That way, your body has fuel and isn’t running on sheer adrenaline, which can actually cause a foggy or restless sleep.

3Try yoga nidra.

Clean sleeping is about making sleep the main even of your day, which doesn’t sound terrible. To achieve this ultra zen state, you can try yoga nidra, which is a method of yoga that tries to achieve a sleep-like state even when you’re awake. But you can also do it before bed to get you all warm and groggy.

4Copper infused everything.

Paltrow insists on using copper infused pillowcases if you want to make sure your clean sleeping game is on point. These apparently have nothing to do with how one sleeps, but are supposed to be really good for your skin and prevent wrinkles. Worth a shot.


Throughout the day, make sure you get a liter of water. This apparently helps circulation, which means you can wind down easier at the end of the night. Plus, hydration is key to everything, right?

6Take a bath with body oil.

According to Paltrow, taking a bath is essential. If you want to make your nightly bath even better, she suggests that you add body oils — one with a lavender scent is good for sleep — to the water. Not only will you be moisturized, but you’ll be able to sleep better and smell good in the morning.


This is so confusing. According to clean sleeping experts, sticking to a 12 hour fast is essential for sleep. So if you eat dinner at 7 p.m., you have to wait 12 hours for breakfast. So make sure you’re timing everything right so that you can eat dinner, sleep, wake up on time, and get a breakfast in within the first hour to stop the adrenaline. Are you keeping up with all this?

Clean sleeping sounds like a very relaxing way to live. It also sounds like it takes some work. But when it comes to your physical and mental health, it’s probably worth it.

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