These 7 power sets will help you pay homage to Hillary Clinton’s iconic pantsuits

The election is over and Donald Trump has been declared the winner. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop living in #PantsuitNation just yet. You can still pay homage to Hillary Clinton by rocking a pantsuit, and we have a few options we think you’ll love.

Women across the country donned pantsuits on Election Day to show their support for the (should-have-been) first woman president, and searches for white pantsuits shot to an all-time high during Hillary’s campaign. So basically what that means is you need to get your hands on one of these sets immediately — before they’re scooped up by voters who are #StillWithHer.

We hope you find something you love to comfort you in this dark and frustrating time.

1. Wildfang “The Miller Pant” and “The Monae Blazer”


Get the jacket here, $148, and the pants here, $98.

2. ASOS “Jacquard Suit”


Get the jacket, $91, and the pants, $61, here.

3. The Limited “Two-Button Blazer and Pants”


Get the jacket here, $169.95, and the pants here, $79.95.

4. Wildfang “The Bowie Pant” and “The Deyn Long Blazer”


Get the pants here, $78.40, and the jacket here, $134.40.

5. Free People “Jill C’s Limited Edition Pantsuit”


Get it here for $600.

6. Fashion Union “Tall Velvet Suit”


Get the jacket here, $61, and the pants here, $58.

7. J.Crew “Regent Blazer and Pants”


Get the jacket here, $325, and the pants here, $250.

And may a little piece of Hillary live on in your closet forever.

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