Someone recut the new “Power Rangers” movie trailer with retro clips and it is amazing

Though we’re super excited about the upcoming movie, the original Power Rangers will always have a special place in our childhood hearts. Now, someone has just found a way to combine our happy anticipation for their return with our nostalgic memories of their past adventures and we are super grateful.

YouTube user Darth Blender took retro clips of old Power Rangers and and put them into the sounds and music of the new movie trailer.

The result was mighty morphin awesome.

Darth Blender actually has a channel full of these mash-up trailers that are really creative and fun to watch. The brilliance in this trailer comes from the fact that he’s not combining two different existing movies from opposite genres. He’s combining the same story and characters who just are told in two very different ways.

While we obviously can’t wait to see what Elizabeth Banks does with the reimagined Rita Repulsa, there is something super satisfying about seeing the classic character introduced and treated like a modern-day bad guy.


Between the glory of the classic villains, the ’90s-style modern technology (which consists of a remote with an antennae and a couple buttons), and the badass fighter moves, this trailer reminds us of everything we loved about the original Power Rangers.

Not to mention, there’s so much delight in seeing the familiar faces of our favorite Rangers in action.

Of course, when movies from our past are reinvented for modern audiences, there are going to be some major changes. And oftentimes those changes end up bringing new excitement to a classic franchise (Hello, Star Wars: The Force Awakens). So, seeing how serious this new movie’s trailer is and how it is such a stark contrast to the more playful original series makes it not only fun to watch, but also has us even more excited for March 2017 when the Rangers return to the big screen.

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