’90s Alert! The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Are Reuniting For 30th Anniversary

Time to share the nostalgia with your kids, because both generations are about to have a bit of Morphin Timeto.

If the words, “It’s Morphin Time!” immediately make you crumble into dust, you’re not alone. A new season Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury is slated for a 2023 release date. This marks a wild three decades of mixed martial arts, magic space powers and countless opportunities for mega merchandising. 

According to MovieWeb, the current season, Power Rangers: Dino Fury, just released its second installment on Netflix. In an interesting twist, the same cast will also return as the main cast for Cosmic Fury.

Recycling the Power Rangers team hasn’t been done since the original crew ninja kicked off the show in 1993 with the release of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. And for those who love a good nod to nostalgia, two of the classic characters will make a comeback for this milestone season.

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“Oh Yeah it’s official!” Walter Emmanuel Jones, the original Black Ranger, tweeted on October 1, 2022. “It’s going down!”

The tweet includes a video of Jones and David Yost, the original Blue Ranger. The pair tease out their inclusion in the 30th anniversary celebration of the Power Rangers universe. 

We Got This Covered states that the other members of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have not publicly announced their inclusion — but fans are definitely holding out that a reunion will take place. 

The post also mentions that former Power Ranger stars Jason David Frank (Tommy the White/Green Ranger), Catherine Sutherland (Kat the second Pink Ranger) and Austin St. John (Jason the Red Ranger) have all appeared in the series over the years. Why not seize the chance to reconnect old Rangers and new ones?

The chance to see our favorite childhood superheroes on screen again is just one of the many ways the 1990s are making a comeback this year.

We’ve already been treated to Hocus Pocus 2, the long-awaited sequel to the quintessential early 90s Disney Halloween classic. And McDonald’s recently announced the creation of a “Happy Meal for Adults” for those craving a bit of childhood nostalgia along with their Big Mac.

You may have outgrown the series, but after nearly 30 years, the Power Rangers franchise shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. How have the show’s writers and producers managed to keep the plots relevant and exciting? Only Zordon knows. 

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