Yass! We just got a major hint that the Green Ranger might be in the new “Power Rangers” movie

There has been a lot of buzz about the Power Rangers movie of late, the least of which is not Bryan Cranston signing on as Zordon. But as Bryan makes the press rounds, he’s talking more and more about the movie, and might have just let a pretty juicy detail slip. The movie might have feature a Green Ranger. This detail hasn’t been officially announced, so it’s kinda big that Bryan would drop this tidbit.

As Bryan tries to make Larry King understand exactly what a Power Ranger movie is, he lists the main characters and inadvertently mentions the Green Ranger. This could have been a mistake or he may have just misspoke (he also left out the Pink Power Ranger), but this could be big news for folks desperate for any details about about upcoming movie.

Bryan also tells Larry that filming has already begun in Vancouver, although he hasn’t started his part just yet. He also remembers helping with the English dubbing for the original TV version of the show. He was such a regular voice actor that the Blue Power Ranger, Billy Cranston, is named after him. So, it seems he’s got some legit history with the franchise. But does that make his comment about the Green Ranger just a slip or is he giving us a hint?

He goes on to say that the movie is nothing like that TV series and he alludes to the fact that it might just blow our minds with its originality. So what do you think, is this definitely confirmation that the Green Ranger is coming to a movie theater near us?