A power outage shut down rides at Disneyland, and the photos are INSANE

On Wednesday, during this busy holiday season, a huge power outage shut down at least a dozen rides at Disneyland, leaving hundreds of park-goers stranded on It’s a Small World and other rides. The park’s electricity has since been restored, but we’re still staring at the pictures of people sitting in the dark on some already-horrifying rides. We’re lookin’ at you, Small World.

The areas left without power were Toontown and Fantasyland after a transformer malfunctioned at the California theme park. The outage struck at about 11 a.m. and shut down a dozen rides in those areas, according to a Disneyland spokesperson. Guests who were left on those rides were escorted off, but not right away.

One It’s a Small World rider, Geoff Fienberg, took a picture from the front of his boat, showing the other boats completely stopped. The only light seems to be coming from the flash, but other than that, the riders look like they’re sitting in the dark surrounded by creepy puppets. Unless you go to Disney for the Tower of Terror, this is not what anyone asked for.

“About 60%-70%  of the way through the ride, the power just went off,” said Fienberg. “We sat 25 minutes in the dark. It was just dark, music was still playing, so that will be in most of our heads probably for the following year.”

While the park was in disarray, the crowds grew larger and angrier.


One visitor, Ashoka Thiagarajan, talked to NBC News: “It’s a huge disappointment. This is my mom’s Christmas present to all of us. This has been in the making since August.” He also said he was stuck on Pirates of the Caribbean ride for about 20 minutes.



So while thousands of visitors just wanted a day of Disney’s fantasy, most were met with the reality that broken transformers can ruin a vacation, and some were met with the horror of being stranded with oversized puppets.

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