Long hair got in the way of this girl’s ridiculous “power drill corn challenge”

In case you needed a reason not to eat an ear of corn off of a spinning power drill, this girl from China just found a pretty big one. After this practice became a viral video trend, reports Mashable, people began flocking to YouTube and all other kinds of social media to give it a go. The power drill corn challenge simply involves sticking a cob of corn onto a drill and eating it as it spins. However, on Saturday Twitter, user @_kryzt tweeted a video of an unnamed girl whose hair gets caught in the drill while she’s doing the challenge — and that’s reason enough for us to avoid this forever.

Only a few seconds into this crazy video, the subject’s hair gets caught, twisting around in the drill until it gets pulled right off of her head, leaving a painful looking bald patch.

Another video later appeared of a doctor treating the girl after her mishap. LiveLeak says that she is going to be okay … but it will take a few years before her hair grows back:

According to Mashable, this challenge kicked off after YouTube user Eater Yang uploaded a video of him successfully completing this dangerous challenge, eating an entire ear of corn in just 10 seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

It should go without saying holding power drills close to your face is super dangerous and that you definitely shouldn’t try this at home. It’s not just if you have long hair that can get caught in the drill, but also if you’re a person with teeth that are at a huge risk of getting damaged while using the power tool. We can’t think of any real reason you’d need to eat an entire ear of corn in under 10 seconds, but if you’re ever coming in last place at a picnic-eating contest, we guess this is good to know?

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