We are beyond touched by this incredible “power contouring” makeup tutorial

No matter how many videos you’ve seen to try to nail that Kim Kardashian look, you’ve never seen a more moving contouring tutorial than beauty vlogger Christa’s from “The Erin and Christa Show.”

For Christa’s video posted last month, she decided to try “power contouring.” First, she took her highlighter literally by writing the lights of her life in contour on her face. First, she started with Dan, her older brother with special needs.


“I have an extremely soft spot in my heart for people with disabilities because of him,” she said in the video. “. . . When you look at him, it’s just, he’s just innocent. And it’s beautiful. It really is. He just has this purity to him that you can’t find in anybody.”

To highlight her cheek, she wrote “M.U.” to stand for makeup. “I had this creativity inside of me that I couldn’t find the right outlet for,” she said. “And the one day, I found makeup, and I was like, ‘Holy crap. This is what I was looking for.’”

She also included her wife, Emily, her “framily,” and love. “All of the positive things I have written on my face right now all boil down to love,” she said.

But with the light comes the dark, and for the contouring, Christa wrote the elements of her life that she’s struggled with, but that have ultimately made her stronger — such as being called “fat,” which she wrote in the hollow of her cheek.

“That’s something that has shaped me because it’s made me more resilient,” she said in the video. “It’s made me kind of be able to tell people to eff off. . . I don’t care of your opinion of me; I don’t care that that’s all you see.”


Another word that has haunted her life? The R-word. “You sound uneducated and you hurt people,” she said. “There’s nothing that would rile me up more and get me more upset than if somebody used that word in front of my brother.”

Then, the video took an incredibly emotional turn when she recalled her ex-girlfriend, Rebecca, who became ill from cervical cancer. “I am so sorry if anybody you know is going through that, or you’re going through that, because it’s so hard to watch someone you love wither away,” Christa said through tears.

Once it was all blended together, Christa’s contouring turned out stellar — and really, that’s the message of the video. “Your experiences, your bad and your good, are you,” she said. “It’s what makes you you. It makes you powerful.”

Who cares about all those other makeup trends — power contouring is the empowering and beautiful way to remind yourself of your own resilience and blessings. Watch Christa’s powerful, gorgeous video below, and make sure to keep a box of tissues handy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

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