A new POV video of the biggest parkour course in the world is pure adrenalin

If you’ve always been afraid to try parkour, it’s probably because it looks physically demanding AF. Jumping from high heights, sliding down things, swinging, leaping on to platforms…it takes a lot of practice to get parkour right. Even though anyone can attempt it, it takes an expert to move gracefully. That’s why this mesmerizing POV video, from the Skyladder Parkour course at Tianman Mountain in China, left us breathless.

Calen Chan, a parkour expert, attempted the challenging series and succeeded. Lucky for us, he got it all on video!

Even cooler, this is parkour from a first-person perspective, and it’s a totally thrilling ride.


Chan recalled his wild experience with the steep and lengthy terrain in the video’s description.

I had the wonderful opportunity to come and play here at this beautiful location called Heaven’s Gate. It has an average incline of 45 degrees, and is 999 steps long (about 3 football fields)! Obviously this was difficult, and I physically couldn’t sprint down the entire path of deadly drops without slowing down, but I did my best!

The intense drops and three football-field length isn’t even the craziest part of the whole video. The craziest part (and you’d never be able to tell just by watching) is that Chan filmed the entire thing in his mouth! According to Nerdist, he doesn’t own a head or chest strap for his Go-Pro so he held his camera in between his lips. He’s lucky he didn’t swallow it or bite down too hard! That would have made for an internal parkour experience. No one wants that.

Although no one around him is freaking out while he effortlessly glides from block to block, this video had us on the edge of our seat. We’ll leave parkour to experts like Calen and won’t try this at home.