PotterItForward: Harry Potter fans are giving first-time readers the best gift ever

Believe it or not, there are still some Muggles out there who haven’t read Harry Potter. It’s actually more common than you might think, simply because not everyone can quickly binge a series with seven lengthy books in one sitting. There’s also a whole new generation growing up, who for the first time are picking up the story about The Boy Who Lived. And that’s why we’re so thrilled to hear about PotterItForward, the awesome new way seasoned HP fans are paying it forward to HP newbs.

Started by the Harry Potter fan site, MuggleNet, the group posted a simple idea to fans: leave a note inside a HP book either at the library or at a bookstore for a future reader to find. So brilliant and simple, Hermione’s probably mad she didn’t think of it herself.

The hashtag, #PotterItForward has since started popping up all over the Internet, with so many beautiful notes left behind. It’s reminiscent of how you hear about secrets being found in PostSecret books from time to time. But now, instead of secrets, these are messages of encouragement, friendship, and love, explaining exactly what the HP series has meant to past readers. These messages could fill up a 700-page book themselves.


Hold on, I’ve got something in both eyes, and it’s tears. Very well done, MuggleNet. We absolutely love this. So now it’s off to the nearest bookstore to leave a handful of notes in all the books, most of them in Prisoner of Azkaban because that one’s my favorite. Time to let some brand new readers know how special it is to me.

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