This guy just opened a potato chip sandwich shop. BRB, going to eat all the noms.

If you haven’t experienced the pure bliss of biting into a sandwich with potato chips thrown in, drop everything now and go make yourself one. Or you could just travel to England and pop into Mr Crisp, a brand new sandwich shop that opened in Keighley, West Yorkshire, last week.

Mark Pearson, the guru behind the shop, is being hailed as an entrepreneur in a recent profile in the Mirror. And for good reason: He not only has his own photography business, but he has launched the very first “crisp” (as chips are called across the pond!) sandwich shop in England. “I have always had an idea to launch a crisp sandwich shop,” he explained to the Mirror. Mission accomplished, sir.

When he heard of Simply Crispy, a crisp sandwich shop in Belfast, Ireland, Pearson decided that he wanted a similar restaurant in England. But instead of waiting around for someone else to do it, he took matters into his own hands.

“When I saw the one launch in Belfast, I thought the only way I can find out if a crisp sandwich shop can succeed over here is by giving it a go myself,” Pearson explained to the Mirror. “I sat on the idea for six months, working on sourcing which crisps and [flavors] to have and doing some market research. Now I feel the time is now or never. I could either sit on the fence and get left behind or go and take a chance.”

And take a chance, he did. Mr Crisp, which opened shop for the very first time on July 30th, serves some seriously mouth-watering sandwiches, “supplying over 50 varieties of crisps,” according to the shop’s Facebook page. The sandwiches are served on either white or brown bread, teacakes, or baguettes (um, YUM). You can also add a little something extra, like ketchup, sour cream, peanut butter, marshmallows, jam . . . or even Nutella. YES, NUTELLA.

Since its launch just a few days ago, Mr Crisp has been getting international attention (maybe because it sounds totally DELICIOUS). “The feedback has been really positive,” Pearson told the Mirror. “People are interested in having the option of a different kind of sandwich. We all have our own likes and dislikes, some of us even have strange requests when it comes to what we eat and I hope to cater for them by offering something different.”

Pearson also plans on adding plenty more flavors in the future. “I really like peanut butter but finding anyone in the area who actually puts it on a sandwich is almost impossible,” he told the Mirror. “We live in a time where people want things quickly, especially in the business world, and a crisp sandwich certainly offers them that and a wide selection of flavours that you would struggle to find in any other sandwich.”

According to the Mirror, Mr Crisp may be opening two more locations by the end of the year. Our fingers are crossed that Pearson will extend his chip emporium of wonders to America, but until then, we’ll be putting chips in our own sandwiches and drooling over his pictures. Nom. Nom.

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