This “pot Sasquatch” crashed a live news broadcast, and we cannot stop laughing

Severe winter weather can force people to spend unusually long periods of time indoors, which often leads to cabin fever. That is what makes the “pot Sasquatch” that crashed a live news broadcast surprisingly relatable because a blizzard will drive you to do some strange shit.

This weed-laden creature makes great company for the other people coping with winter in the oddest ways, like the dude who dressed like Darth Vader and shoveled snow while playing flaming bagpipes on a unicycle, or all these people determined to show us that T-Rex would’ve shoveled the hell outta some snow, had it somehow miraculously escaped the Cretaceous mass extinction event.

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Anyway, back to this mysterious pot-squatch creature. It crept up on the Springfield, Massachusetts 22News crew members while they dutifully covered the extreme winter weather conditions in the area, and we gotta say this is one of the most hilarious news crashing events we’ve seen.

Not even the anchor could stick to the script as this marijuana-made monstrosity made its way through the snowy streets and into her shot, successfully stealing the spotlight from blizzard-induced traffic jams and stranded travelers.

It appeared to be so stoned, it couldn’t stand up straight.

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But it moves unusually quick for a stoner.

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LOL. WTF is going on here?!

This is our first pot sasquatch sighting, and obviously our experience with this creature is limited to what we just saw in the video. But if the purpose of the mysterious pot sasquatch is to make us feel light-hearted and laugh way too hard, then mission accomplished.